Starla’s favorite web cams:

Glacier National Park, Montana web cams

Live Osprey Cam
Alaskan Squirrel Cam
The Owl Box
Hummingbird Nest Cam 
Mac’s Bluebird House
Statue of Liberty (nice to see at sunrise or sunset)
Seattle Space Needle (Good place to catch the full moon)
New York Time Square 

Siku Polar Bear cub also on this link beautiful fish aquariums, Pandas, and whales oh my.

  Vancouver Canada ( Great at night to see the beautiful city lights.)
Eiffel Tower (early evening)
Hawaii time-lapse (looking at the stars!)

Aruba Beach swaying palm trees

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  1. Glacier National Park is so beautiful! I love Yellowstone as well – lived about 90 minutes from there but Glacier is in a different class all its own.

    Hi Nancy, Ive never been to Yellowstone. It’s on my soon to go to list.;+) There are so many small towns around here that it’s actually kept me fairly busy exploring. I’d also like to go fishing down in that area wonderful rivers.

  2. this is a cool idea for a page. i’ve had a page up for about a month now in preparatioon for a streaming webcam. i plan to put on my dock/patio,hopefully within the month.

    I’ve noticed the page at your place and I keep hitting it, looking forward to seeing your steaming video. When your up and running we’ll have to add you to the list. Can you see the sun setting from this spot?

    • yeah well, this didnt happen for me starla. instead, i just embedded a live webcam shot from our local beach webcam. it updates the shot every 60 seconds as you refresh the page. i like this page, you can add many links to the cams. didnt think of that.

      • Maybe, I can add a link to your live cam page to my cam page. I hope that’s OK. I do like checking it out when I’m visiting you, strange but I like to watch how the clouds change. It’s a nice view from where you sit!

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